Wednesday, April 3, 2019

MRVED Update - April 3, 2019

MRVED Business

Upcoming Meetings

April 12th - Title III Teachers
April 18th - MRVED Common Inservice Day
April 24th - Superintendents' Advisory Council
April 24th - MRVED Board Meeting

April 18th Common Inservice Day

The spring MRVED Common Inservice Day will be held on April 18, 2019, at the Dawson-Boyd Schools. You will be welcomed with coffee, juice, and muffins to begin your day. The day will consist of attending one session for the entire morning and the afternoon will be time with your district, determined by your administrator. The choices for the morning sessions are: Social Emotional Learning, Teach Like a Pirate, and Structured Unconference. Registration is now CLOSED and no changes can be made to your lunch choice.

Closer to the inservice date, you will receive an email with detailed information including the school's address, which to door to enter, and other information. Please read this carefully. When you arrive, your meal ticket and agenda will be in the commons area at the registration table.

We look forward to seeing everyone on April 18th!

(Please Note: Districts not participating in the inservice due to a school make-up day: Minneota/Ivanhoe, Ortonville, YME)

MRVED - Did You Know

The MRVED has hosted the MELT conference for over 15 years.  Throughout the years the conference has morphed into what it is today.  Today there are around 100 sessions for educators to choose from.  The topics range from the latest drug trends to the newest technology.  One of the goals of the MRVED is to efficiently use resources to accomplish goals.  The MELT is accomplished for $12 per teacher.  To put this in perspective, the TIES conference registration costs $389.  If we were to send everyone in the MRVED to the TIES conference, the total cost would be around $252,000, just for conference registration.  The MELT is put on for around $7,000!

What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Social Emotional Learning or SEL has been a big buzzword in education over the past few years.  It's something we are hearing more and more of, but what is SEL and why is it important.  The short video below does an excellent job of explaining the what & why.

MCA-IV Science Test Specs Committee

The Minnesota Department of Education is looking for educators to serve on a committee charged with creating the test specifications for the new science test.
This committee will be comprised of K-12 teacher leaders who will use their expertise to help develop assessment boundaries for the new 2019 Minnesota science standards. Committee selection will emphasize balance of demographics, grade levels, and content areas. The committee will meet for a total of 7 days starting on August 6-8, 2019 at MDE in Roseville and continuing through the spring of 2020. Committee members must commit to attending all meetings. The meeting dates are as follows:

· August 6-8, 2019

· October 29-30, 2019

· March 3-4, 2020

You will receive an honorarium and per diem for your travel expenses as needed.

If you are interested in being considered for this committee, enter your information in the form on the link below by April 12, 2019.

MCA-IV Science Test Specs Committee Application

Tech Tip of the Week - Automastery

If you use Google Forms in your classroom, this is an Add-On for you!  Automastery is awesome and a great way to differentiate.  Maryellen West did a fabulous job!  Check out the write-up from the website.
AutoMastery is a Google Forms Add-On that allows the Form owner to send students assignments based on their score on a Google Form. The owner sets a mastery level score and a beginner level score in a Google Form and sets what link respondents will receive via email with an assignment based on their scores.

Quiz takers will fall into one of three grade categories: Mastery, Progressing, and Beginner.

If a student has mastered the material and scores at or above the Mastery Score you set, he or she will be assigned an extension activity as set by the teacher.

A student who scores above the Beginner Score, but below the Mastery Score, will be sent a progressing assignment, set by the teacher, to bring them to mastery level.

A student not reaching the Beginner Score will be sent a comprehensive assignment, as set by the teacher.

Ditch That Textbook - Section 3 Part 3

We will take a look at chapters 30-33 in Ditch That Textbook by Matt Miller.  These are simply my thoughts on the chapters and by no means should replace reading the chapters for yourself.

Chapter 30 is titled, Make It.  Plain and simple, if you can't find what you are looking for, make it!  As a teacher, you have some of the best available resources at your fingertips to make whatever you need for your classroom.  If you can't find a video to explain how the letters "t" and "h" go together, gather a group of students and make your own video.  Think about the learning experiences involved in that activity.  We all have awesome cameras built into our cell phones.  We have Google Docs and Microsoft Office products at our fingertips.  Some of the best creation iPad apps offer free or discounted versions for education.  Even if you think you are not creative enough to make something, try!

Miller also talks about staying in touch with students and meeting them in their space.  If your students are on Twitter, join Twitter to see what it's all about.  If your students are Snapchatting, join it and try.  Instead of thinking about how I can block these tools in my classroom, think about how can you harness their power for educational purposes.  It may not be apparent to you right away, but if you think hard enough and creatively enough, you'll find a way.  Social networking is the way of the world today.  Classroom Twitter pages are popping up all over the place.  Teachers are using Instagram to show parents what is going on in their classrooms.  Schools are creating Snapchat filters and Twitter hashtags to create a virtual showcase of their events.

We have one section left in the book and a conclusion to go.  Once you are done with this book, I encourage you to borrow it to someone during the summer.  But, don't forget who you gave it to because you will want this playbook back to start the year next year.