Friday, January 23, 2015

MRVED Business

Thank you to everyone that participated in the MELT this year.  It appears it was another successful conference and the weather was fantastic (for a change).  If you have not done so already, please fill out the MELT Evaluation Form.  The feedback is vital to planning future events, so spend a few moments and provide good, honest feedback on your day.

Thank you to LQPV for hosting once again.  Everyone from the janitorial staff, to the cooks, teachers, technology coordinator, and administration kicked in to make the great day.  Also a gigantic thank you to Mary Brown for the organization and handling registration.  Thank you to all the presenters who took the time to share their expertise with everyone.

The MELT committee will pour over the evaluations in the coming weeks and the planning for next year has already begun.

Upcoming Meetings
Superintendent - January 28
Board - February 11
TAC - February 19
Principal - February 20

MDE Report on Physical Education in Minnesota

MDE Report on Physical Education in Minnesota
The Minnesota Department of Education has issued their 2015 report on Physical Education in Minnesota. This report provides the findings from a survey conducted of Minnesota schools to gather information about the duration and frequency at which students receive physical education; physical education requirements in high school; fitness testing measures used; educational preparation of physical education teachers; duration and frequency of recess for students in grades K-6; substitution of credits practices for high school students; earning physical education credits online; before and after school physical activity opportunities provided; and practices of coordination with developmentally adaptive physical education specialists.

Link to Report

Math Leader Networking Meeting

February 12, 2015 MATH LEADERS MEETING

Mathematics Leaders Networking Meetings -- TOPIC: Assessments and Interventions

8:30-11:30am at MN Department of Education Conference Center A, Room 14

As part of this meeting Nicole Bridge from Minneapolis Public Schools, will present “I’m not a Math Person:" Identity and Its Impact on Math Success

We will also have an opportunity for participants to network around 3 essential questions in Formative Assessment
  • Where are we going? Do teachers and students know the standards?
  • How are we doing? How do we assess student understanding and give feedback?
  • What’s the next step? Enrichment? Intervention? A new concept 
The MN Math Leaders networking meetings are designed for leaders to give and receive support. The Networking time includes:
  • opportunities to share and celebrate what is working well
  • structures to work in role-a-like and/or grade band groups regarding previously selected topics
  • time for participants to provide their expertise
  • "hot topics" identified by the participants at the beginning of each meeting
There will also be open time following each meeting for continued work in self-identified groups.

The goals of these networking meetings include:
  • Share ideas and collaborate with other MN Math Leaders
  • Receive updates about mathematics education policy
  • Learn about resources available to support your work
This event is open to anyone who is in a department, school, or district leadership position. Administrators and teacher leaders who are passionate about leading change in mathematics education for all students are encouraged to attend!

It is recommended that participants purchase the book, "NCTM Principles to Actions", available at as an ebook for $4.99 ($3.99 for NCTM members). One of the topics for each of the networking meetings will use readings and resources from this book.

Register for February 12 Meeting

Technology Tip - Oregon Trail

Play the original Oregon Trail
When I found thie resource, I was thrilled!  I have always wanted my 7 year old to play some of the computer games I grew up with in school (namely Oregon Trail, Number Munchers, and Speedway Math).  Obviously I don't own an Apple //e computer with an external floppy disk, so I thought she would never enjoy the great games I once enjoyed.  Until now!

At they have a huge database of old "stuff" including old computer games.  I was able to find games such as Number Munchers, Oregon Trail, and Speedway Math, among others!  If you are curious if your favorite old game is out there, use the easy to use search bar on the website.