Friday, March 20, 2015

MRVED Business

Upcoming Meetings

March 24, 2015  FACS (Willmar tours)
March 25, 2015  Superintendents' Council

April 8, 2015  MRVED Board meeting (7:00 p.m.)
April 10, 2015  Community Ed
April 17, 2015  Title III Teachers
April 22, 2015  Superintendents' Council

***April 24, 2015 TAC/Principal meeting MOVED TO MAY 11, 2015***

Will Steger Summer Institute

Summer Institute 2015
  • 2 graduate credits (fee)
  • 20 CEUS
  • $75 Early Bird Rate
Please join us for our 10th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education, June 15-17, 2015 at the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley, MN. Participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Reunite, learn from and network with past participants of Will Steger Foundation Summer Institutes for Climate Change Education.
  • Hear from experts in climate science, climate change education and climate solutions.
  • Engage with hands on activities that help bring climate concepts into the classroom and informal education settings.
  • Learn about how the Will Steger Foundation curriculum supports language arts, social studies and science standards.
  • Share how you have been implementing climate change education in your educational setting. (More information on how to apply below)

Horizon's Report - Data Driven Learning and Assessment

Data Driven Learning and Assessment
Over the past three weeks, we have looked into the Horizon's Report.  The report outlines different educational technology trends that are set to make an impact in the coming years.  The first two weeks we outlined the two fast trends of online learning and learning spaces.  Last week we focused on a mid-range trend of Open Educational Resources (OER).  This week is a mid-range trend of using learning analytics to drive instruction.

In the past couple years learning analytics has grown by leaps and bounds.  What is meant by learning analytics is any data that is produced after a learning activity.  For instance, a student could finish a lesson in Khan Academy and complete an assessment.  After completing the assessment,  the teacher can get data that includes what the student knows and does not know about the process, standard, strand, etc...  The data produced from some of the assessments today is incredible.  It has gotten so advanced that after the assessment, a program can move the students along on a learning path.  If a student needs to redo certain parts of the process, it knows to do that.  If the student can move on to the next process, the program knows where to go.

I think we'll see more and more programs similar to Khan Academy using learning analytics to drive instruction.  Whether it be a self-paced course, or teacher-led, the learning analytics are a valuable piece of data.

Tech Tip - My Script Calculator

My Script Calculator
If students have trouble putting in equations into a regular calculator, give My Script Calculator a try. There is an app for both Android and iOS.  What My Script Calculator does is allows you to write out the math equation, then turns your written equation into a type face and solves the problem.  This could be handy for the student that struggles putting the correct numbers into a calculator in correct order.  The app is really user friendly.  It could even read my handwriting (which is no easy task)! I'm keeping this app on my phone for personal use.

Help Students Score Higher on Their Upcoming Tests

The reality of testing season is upon us.  Whether we like it or not, our students will be tested and tested and tested some more in the upcoming weeks.  Besides pounding more facts in their head, what can teachers and parents do?  Below you will find a great article on what research says about what students need during the testing season.  Hopefully you will find a couple tidbits you can send home in your newsletter or incorporate into your classroom.

Help Your Students Score Higher on Their Upcoming Tests by Eric Jensen