Friday, October 23, 2015

SAMR Series - Modification

SAMR Series
As we continue our 5 - Week series on the SAMR model for technology integration, we will finally get "above the line" into the transformation stage.

The past two weeks we have looked at the Substitution and Augmentation levels, which mostly enhance your classroom tasks, but do not essentially transform them.  The modification stage of the SAMR model is defined as the point in which the technology allows for significant  task redesign.  In the ongoing example of using a word processor to type a paper.  We started on the first level of SAMR saying that there was no difference in the task between writing and typing the paper.  Then we went up to Augmentation and started using the different features of the word processor (spelling and grammar check, word count, formatting, etc...).  As we take this same task above the line into Modification, we can add in Google Docs and the ability to collaborate world-wide on a document.  This task would not be possible without the use of the technology and with the collaboration piece the task looks different all together for the most part.  The writing still exists, but in a collaborative manner.

MRVED Business

Upcoming Meetings
October 27, 2015  Math
October 28, 2015   Superintendents' Council
October 29, 2015  Business

November 3, 2015  Title I Teachers
November 4, 2015  Phy Ed/Health
November 5, 2015  Social Workers

Mussel Field Day with CURE
The MRVED and CURE teamed up to provide a training for teachers on the importance of and how to identify fresh water Mussels.  CURE brought in Bernard Sietman, who is one of the leading malacologists in the United States.  Bernard is so knowledgeable about river mussels and river environments, it was AMAZING!  The weather was also AMAZING!  Check out the slide show of pictures to see how our day went.  Thanks to Peg at CURE for the opportunity and pictures!

MELT Call for Presentation Proposals

MELT Call for Presentation Proposals
It is that time of the year again!  Time to start looking for teachers to present at the MELT (MRVED Educators Learning Together) Conference in January.  The past few years we have had some great presentations by our local teachers.  Hopefully this year can be better yet.  Last year, there were over 90 sessions to choose from throughout the day with about 1/4 of them being led by local teachers.  My goal is to get to 50% led by local educators.  This is a great opportunity to share some of the awesome and unique things going on in your classroom.  If you would like to present, please fill out the form (linked below).  If you know of someone that would do an awesome job, encourage them to present.
  • $100 - Present one, 1-hour session
  • $150 - Present the same 1-hour session twice
  • $150 - Present one, 2-hour session
  • $200 - Present two different 1-hour sessions
Please Note:
  • If you want to present as a team, only one proposal needs to be made.  The person that makes the proposal will be the contact person for that group.
  • Submitting a proposal does not commit you to presenting.  You are only providing the MRVED with information that you are interested in presenting.
  • Brandon will contact you by the end of October if your session was selected.
  • You may fill out more than one proposal.
Possible Session Ideas:
  • Cross-Curricular Projects
  • School Readiness
  • SMART Training
  • CPI
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • 6+1 Traits of Writing
  • Writing in the Elementary
  • Daily 5
  • Daily 3
  • Coding
  • Technology: SMARTBoard, Tablets, Content Area, Grade Level, Apps

MELT Call for Presentation Proposal Form

PBS Get Your Tech On

Let PBS help you Get Your Tech On this school year with a power-packed mix of free tools, support, and professional development to help you navigate the digital age of learning!

Visit the Get Your Tech On collection to access tech-themed lesson plans, games, and videos, sign up for PD webinars, and enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes for you and your classroom. HINT: The more resources you explore, the more chances you have to win...
  • A trip to Austin, Texas to attend the TCEA Conference
  • One-on-one and group trainings with PBS edtech experts
  • A fully "teched-out" classroom with Google Chromebooks for each student and a document camera

Tech Tip - Quiziz

If you are familiar with Kahoot and loved Kahoot, you will LOVE Quiziz!  Quiziz follows the same premise as Kahoot, but in a slightly different way.  With Kahoot the questions are completed one at a time, meaning the questions do not move on until all answers have been collected, or the timer runs out.  With Quiziz, the students can go through the questions at their own pace (with a timer).  The cool thing is the teacher can still see real-time data, so it can be used as a formative assessment tool.  The other stark difference between Kahoot and Quiziz is that with Quiziz the questions appear on the student screens.  Whereas in Kahoot, the question appears on the screen in front, and the student devices are essentially clickers.  Quiziz is awesome if your students are getting tired of Kahoot.  Give it a try today!