Friday, December 16, 2016

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Upcoming Meetings
December 21, 2016  Superintendents' Council
December 21, 2016  MRVED Board (7 p.m.)

January 6, 2017  Strategic Planning - Core Planning Team (American Legion)
January 10, 2017  Title III Paras
January 16, 2017  MELT

Happy Holidays From The MRVED

Holiday Book Recommendations

Holiday Book Recommendations
If you are looking for a couple books to read over the Christmas break, here is a short list of a couple great books by some excellent authors!

What Great Teachers Do Differently - Todd Whitaker

Better Conversations - Jim Knight

Fair Isn't Always Equal - Rick Wormeli

The Innovators Mindset - George Couros

Tech Tip - RocketBook

Thanks to Beth Jahn from YME for sharing this with me.  She saw this at the TIES conference this past weekend and passed it along.

Are you the type of person who loves your electronic device, but despises taking notes with it?  Would you rather just take notes on paper and then somehow get those notes to your device.  Well, now you have that ability with RocketBook.  They have free pages on their website you can download and use directly with the app.  This is a great idea and can be used in schools with 1:1 iPads, but the kids struggle to take notes on them.  Check it out today!

What Great Teachers Do Differently - Focus on Students First

Focus on Students First
Great teachers always put the needs of their students before theirs.  Whitaker states, " Great teachers focus on students first, with a broad vision that keeps everything in perspective" (Whitaker, 48).  This seems like a no-brainer that all teachers focus on students first, but in reality this is not the case for all teachers.  Most teachers get into
 the profession for their love of kids and learning, but slowly, usually over time, something happens.

Take a schedule change for example.  There's an all school assembly at 2:00 on Friday, the student-centered teacher says, "I think it's great that our students get to hear speaker X on this very important topic, what can I do to help?"  The teacher-centered teacher says, "Why does it have to be at 2:00, now my 7th hour class is going to be behind the 6th hour by a day.  What am I going to do?"  The difference is not compliance, it's about who is at the center, student or teacher.

Our natural instincts say to take care of ourselves first, others second.  As a teacher, we need to put the needs of our students in front of ours.  This may cause us discomfort or create small problems for us, but in the end, school is about and for the kids.  Great teachers know this and live it.

MELT Registration

MELT Registration is Open
2017 MELT Registration opened on Monday, December 12 and will close on Thursday, December 22 at 3:00 p.m.  Over 400 people registered on the first day.  Some sessions have been closed due high registration numbers with a couple more ready to close.  If you have not registered already, do so today!